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Neysla og  Neyslusamfélag

Lost World - New World (2020)

Material: Doll houses, toy furniture, wooden table, wooden disposable forks, wood, bike wheels, wood.
Venue; On Common Ground, group exhibition, Hlöðuloftið, Korpúlfsstaðir Art Center, Reykjvík, 2020

Umbylting / Transformation (2018)

The structure is an assemblage of wooden ironing boards together with some glass elements. The boards are arranged on top of each other in an irregular pattern. They are arranged without using any form fixing devices. Thus balance is at the center of the structure. A slight displacement of an element, or a careless touch cause the collapse of the installation. The glass elements consist of mouthblown crystaline glass design- objects.
venue: Endur-Fundir / Re-Union solo exhibition, Hlöðuloftið, Korpúlfsstaðir Art Center, Reykjavík, 2018

Draum – Heimur / World of Wonder (2017)

Material: Found objects, varnish
Venue: Nr. 1 Umhverfing, Sauðarkrókur, Iceland

Kraftur / Power (2006)

venue: Mega Vott, Hafnarborg Cultural Center, Hafnarfjörður, Iceland

Ready made elements from the construction industry, i.e. ‘site-ready timberbeam formwork with a system-grid’ is used to build the main part of the installation. The main part reaches from the outdoor entrance area and into the foyer of the museum, and from the ground floor up to the galleries on the first floor.
Colourfull mouthblown design glass-objects are suspended from the ceiling. A tailcoat, as well as an collage of champagne glasses are a reflection on the economic situation of western countries at the time.

"Anna Eyjólfsdóttir, with her installations, points her vision to man’s need to construct. Gigantic concrete moulds seem to shout, “more, bigger, higher, better, faster.” It is impossible not to admire all this power. Objects fill up space, but still there’s just too much of everything, everything overflows. On the opposite side of this surfeit Anna places objects that reflect hunger, need and desperation. The moulds show that there are two sides to each wall. Goods are unequally divided within walls and outside them. With her work, Anna implies that both conditions are bad options, whether you’re inside or outside.
Anna’s installation implies that we are not just “me myself and I,” but “me about you from you to us.” We are all dependent on each other and in the same boat. If we realize this we can change things. But there are no mega-solutions on how to stop injustice and oppression."

Sigríður Þorgeirsdóttir, Mega Vott catalogue

Drullusokkar / Plungers (2000)

venue: Gerðuberg - Cultural Center Reykjavík
Each plunger marks a spot where on the pavement there is a patch of chewing gum that individuals passing by have spitted out onto the tiles in front of the entrance to the cultural center.
On the picture below: the artist and assistant installing the artwork.