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Náttúra og Samspil Manns og Náttúru

Brot Sjór / Broken Sea (2017)

venue: Hverfing / Shapeshifting,
Verksmiðjan / The Factory,
Hjalteyri, Eyjafjörður, Iceland, 2017

Eyjólfsdóttir’s video installation Brot-Sjór / Broken Sea, 2017, refers to the fragility of life and natural resources. Images of waves shot outside the factory are projected onto the side of the room and reflect off a circular arrangement of shattered glass. The skeletal form of a boat is placed at the center of the installation, a reference to the biblical ark, a conveyance symbolizing the survival of all species.

Pari Stave, an American art historian and indipendent curator.

From the catalogue of the exhibtion Hverfing | Shapeshifting

Landnáms Akur / Settlement Field (1997)

The concept of the exhibition was the historic moment of the settlers of Iceland embracing the Christian faith in year 1000.

An existing circular patch of raw earth was selected as a location for the sculpture. Wheat seeds were sown in the soil surrounding the sculpture.
In three months the seeds had germinated and the wheat plants were fully matured.

Material; driftwood, steel, wood, varnish, iron, vire, wheat seeds
Venue; Kristnitaka í Skálholti / Embracing the Christian Faith, Skálholt diocese, Iceland.

Harnessing the Glacier (1996)

Árátta og ágirnd mannsins til að koma böndum á náttúruna og  ná tökum á henni á sér langa sögu og margar birtingarmyndir.

Pollution Versus Time (1995)

The opening of the exhaust pipe of a family car was covered with seven layers of cotton gauze. Then the engine was started, and every three minutes one layer of the gauze was removed. On each sheet there was a mark left by the carbon monoxide of the exhaust.
After 21 minutes the engine was turned off, and each sheet of gauze arranged in a wooden frame.
Venue; Hringrás / Circulation, The Living Art Museum, Reykjavík

FERÐ II / JOURNEY II (1991-1995)

In what way could one contribute to obtaining a balance in Nature? What are your thoughts on possible approaches for diminishing the effect of erosion on vegetation and forests of the earth.
Please send these to fax: +354-5614350, and include your name and contact information.
The fax machine is situated inside the exhibition and is open around the clock. Your participation becomes a part of the environmental work “JOURNEY II”. All participants in Iceland will receive a birch sampling to plant at a location of his own choice. For each participant residing in another country a sampling will be planted in selected place in a rural area in Iceland.

Text on the backside of the invitationcard for the exhibition Hringrás / Circulation (translation)

Harpa / Harp (1991)

The sculpture and performance Harp is the starting point of a series of works.
Tongs of fire play their song on the Harp, burning it to ashes. The song reverberates into a new work through the collecting of the ashes and placing them within a new structure.
Ferð I / Journey I
Location: Laugarnes, Reykjavík